Jenilee Jaquez, MSN, CNM

Joined our practice in 2023!

Jenilee embarked on her career in midwifery after she graduated from Yale University with a Masters of Science in Nursing and a concentration in Sexuality and Gender Health Justice. This was preceded by an educational foundation built at St. Andrew’s in Middletown, DE, and later at the Barnard College of Columbia University. She was inducted into the revered Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society in 2021. Jenilee is board certified from the American Midwifery Certification Board.

Her initial interest in midwifery sprouted during her time as a student shadowing at DTW, seeing midwives provide holistic care that was rooted in education and compassion. Since then, Jenilee’s path has been rooted in a deep-seated commitment to reproductive justice, a theme that echoed strongly in her academic research and in her role as a wellness and sex educator at Barnard College. As a hospital-based doula, Jenilee learned how to build relationships centered on trust during people’s labor experiences and provide education through a holistic approach. She also learned techniques to support people in labor, whether they were laboring with an epidural or completely unmedicated.

Away from her professional responsibilities, Jenilee cherishes the moments spent with her family, including her husband and their two basset hounds. A strong proponent of community engagement, she constantly seeks opportunities to immerse herself locally, looking for connection wherever she goes. Today, as she stands at the beginning of a fulfilling career, Jenilee is hoping to not only be a promising midwife but a beacon of knowledge, empowerment, and support, eager to serve and enrich the lives of families in the area.

“In the narratives of my Father-in-Law, Robert Scacheri, and midwives I have grown to know, I have always been inspired by the persistent and compassionate care that has been provided; I have embraced the call to continue this tradition and make positive change in our community through midwifery”.

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