What is Integrative Medicine?

          Integrative Medicine is a relatively new concept-the blending of many forms of healing. Integrative practiti0ners embrace more treatment modalities than
conventional practitioners, who commonly utilize only pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures. Integrative medicine strives to treat the mind, body, and
         Integrative practitioners understand environmental medicine, human biochemistry and physiology, nutrition, neurotransmiters, hormones, and mind-body
medicine. In addition to reducing symptoms, the goal is to uncover the causes of medical conditions and eliminate the illness. When a cure is not possible,
the hope is to greatly reduce the illness’ impact on life quality.

Do you take Insurance?

The integrative approach is quite different from the traditional approach. We go through all the body systems, and take an extensive history. We review
dietary habits, exercise routines, work and home environment, as well as stressors and how they are handled. Current insurance policies unfortunately do
not value wellness as much as treatment of disease. The extra time spent is not a covered service. Other things not covered are healthy organic groceries,
supplements, and some forms of bio identical hormone replacement. Some testing may not be covered. The charge for the visit will vary, depending on the
length of the appointment.

What kind of Laboratory Testing is needed?

Please check with your insurance company if you are concerned about insurance coverage for recommended lab testing, as we cannot guarantee that
recommended lab testing (through a conventional lab or specialty lab) will be covered. It is the patient’s responsibility to check with their insurance company
prior to getting any recommended lab work done to check on coverage. You can call our office if you need any additional information per your insurance

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