Dr. Cooper’s Story

Like most MD’s, I had no clue that traditional medicine doesn’t work for everybody. I wanted to be a doctor since I was 3 years old, helping people and making people feel good has always made me happy. Once I started practicing, I began to realize that some people need a different approach, because no matter what doctor they saw they were unable to get better. I always felt we needed to get to the root cause of the problem, but in many cases, it was unclear what the cause was.

Then I stumbled on integrative medicine. It started when I started having thyroid issues. After I got my thyroid removed I never felt the same, despite standard thyroid replacement medicine and consultation with traditional endocrinologists. I finally took some integrative medicine classes and learned how to balance my own thyroid – and FINALLY felt like myself again. I began my fellowship in integrative medicine, and learned how to balance the entire endocrine system, the gut and the brain. I started to understand why some of my menopausal patients didn’t respond to traditional hormones. I started to understand why some patients do not respond to traditional medications. If the thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones are not balanced together the results will not be optimal. If the toxic load is too high it is hard to function optimally. A healthy gut is also key to the optimal response. I learned how important nutrition is, and how it’s related to our hormones, gut and brain. I was introduced to the concept of “optimal function”. With optimal function, we are not looking for labs in the normal range, or to just “get by without problems”. We want labs to show optimal function of organ systems so that we feel our best. We need this to feel good and to age as gracefully as we can. With proper nutrition, supplements, and exercise, I was able balance my thyroid, increase my energy, clear my PMS, and overall live a fuller life. Through these principles I helped my husband balance his body and he lost over 100 pounds! My personal results, and those of my patients have been truly inspiring.

 Traditional medicine is also important. I still practice traditional medicine, obstetrics, as well as traditional gynecology. Things like screening for cancers, birth control, and surgeries for gynecological conditions cannot be replaced with integrative medicine. I like the term integrative, as it means merging things together – traditional medicine with the holistic approach. This is my approach to patients who need more than just the traditional approach. I use my medical training and combine with my integrative fellowship to take a new approach to these issues, such as menopause, PMS, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and IBS.

It’s amazing what an alternative approach can do!

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