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4.6 Stars

22 Reviews | Average Rating: 4.6

3 Stars

My interaction with most providers and support staff was excellent. Dr. Scatcheri, Dr. Cooper, Dr. Wong, Dr. Miller, Ashley Santana, and Beverly Santana have all been attentive, compassionate, and competent. Had my exposure been limited to just these good folks, my rating would be 5/5 stars. However, one person brings it down. I would stay clearly away from Robert Hartman. He is incompetent, disrespectful, insensitive, condescending, sarcastic, sanctimonious, contemptuous, and ethnocentric. Hartman does not belong in a reputable practice and does not belong in medicine. Instead, his calling is clergy and he should have found a career with the church, not anywhere near the sciences. His rating is 1/5. Even that is too high for him!
1 Stars

Although the services I received here were adequate, I cannot understand how when a scheduling error on their part occurs they can’t reschedule an appointment for an established patient for 4 months. This was after confirming the appointment and then only giving one day’s notice that the appointment would not happen. I understand that things come up and appointments have to get shifted, but when it is the provider/office’s issue, it should not take 4 months to get rescheduled. Like I said, I had a good experience with my doctor but I will actively be looking elsewhere for care.
5 Stars

I was just sterilized by Dr. Robert Hartmann on 3/28. Was so easy it felt unreal. I made my apt back in July for January and after having my first consult apt on Jan 31 I had my bisalp done by March 28!!! Great turnaround. I asked to see him specifically since I saw him online as a provider willing to do them on younger women, and at the time I was a 23y/o unmarried woman with no children. I was 24 by the time the procedure was done. He didn’t try to talk me out of it he just affirmed that I knew it was permanent and really what I wanted and that since I’m old enough to vote I can decide for myself. Very to the point.
5 Stars

I am a military wife who is 16 weeks pregnant with our second little guy. I am currently living in Oklahoma, a week away from moving to San Antonio, and will end up in Dover, Delaware a couple months before his birth. Needless to say it’s a stressful time. I just got off the phone with the loviest, most kind hearted, and best listeners I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. I couldn’t be luckier or felt more at easy talking to the receptionist. Janice answered my every question, didn’t make me feel rushed, and truly gave me the very best advice while scheduling me. If all the partners and staff are like Janice I am fully confident that we are in amazing hands. I am totally blown away by this experience and look forward to meeting the team. I could not be more impressed. A HUGE thank you for your help and kindness. Janice went above and beyond.
5 Stars

I am so pleased and blessed with this office. I could not thank Dr. Ward enough! He eased my mind with of all my worries about my little man! Dr. Ward is patient, kind, and cares for all. Thank you so much! I could of not did it without the Dedicated to Women team!
5 Stars

Dr. Kerry Campbell is amazing. She listened, evaluated, gave me options and then performed a procedure that gave me the best possible outcome, Thank you.
5 Stars

I saw Dr. Baxter in Seaford and just loved him!
2 Stars

If this review was for the office staff and nurse I encountered, I would leave 5 stars. Unfortunately, my experience with Dr. Wong left me extremely frustrated. My concerns were met with condensation and dismissal, even before the exam began. I may return to the office, but only with another doctor.
5 Stars

I only see Dr. Laura Moylan. Her assistants are always so friendly and helpful. They really go above and beyond to take care of me. They remember small details that make me feel like a person NOT a chart. When I've come in and she is running behind they keep me updated. Dr. Moylan has never made me feel rushed, she always takes her time and answers all of my questions. I just can not say enough about this team!
5 Stars

Always a pleasure. Been a patient for 26 years! -- Jennifer Queen
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